phpBook is a free non-commercial guestbook utility for your personal projects. phpbook is fast, good-looking and also secure and has some small functions to prevent spamming. Due to the early releases of phpBook, phpBook isn't very huge - hence, don't expent much.

When creating phpBook I also took in note that it needs to have a proper GUI and a nice outlook. phpBook supports also themes. Thus there's only the default nice grey-blue and neon theme.

Sorry! This project is due to its poor quality not being maintained by me or anyone, and to be frank, I will no longer cater at everyone's whims. You should try to look for a better guestbook application. This one is shit. Moreover, the utilization of this will directly guide you to Hades.

NOTE: Every phpBook user should ugrade to the latest version
(Remember: the latest version is always the one with the biggest version number (so 1.1 < 1.2 = 1.2 newer) version!)

phpBook links

  • Obtain the latest version of phpBook here
  • See the demonstration of phpbook.

  • Do not send any suggestions, bugreports or comments. Thank you..
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